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Meet DigitalMode co-founder Julian Goode

Julian Goode DigitalMode digital content

Our earlier post covered how Julian Goode and Mark Morrell got together and created DigitalMode. But what journey has taken Julian to become an award-winning Digital Innovator with the right balance of experience, skills and knowledge critical for DigitalMode?

Julian is a digital media and content specialist. He uses his experience of more than 25 years in journalism and the digital industry to help people build better websites, run social media channels, and produce high-quality content for all their digital platforms.

Julian is comfortable working with any size of organisation. That’s from start-ups and small businesses to companies with a large global reach, having run digital operations for the England and Wales Cricket Board for 15 years.

His recent projects include consultancy in the UK horseracing industry with digital agency Other Media, and social media management for Rugby World Cup sponsor DHL with digital sports consultancy Seven League. Also freelance journalism for the Financial Times and Essex Life magazine, and ongoing projects with various small businesses in South East England.

Understanding business requirements, mapping out digital, social media and content strategies to support those objectives, he delivers innovative products to ensure you get the attention and engagement you want from your internet presence.

You’re in the content business

A considerable amount of his career has been spent in the sports world. But Julian firmly believes that the same principles and lessons apply to a business operating in any sector. Anyone in business who has a website and social media presence is in the content business too, whether they like it or not. And that means they need to embrace the challenge and the opportunity.

It’s just a matter of degree and subject matter, and what the business objectives are that you support via your website and social media channels. In sport, that might be driving people to your website to buy tickets for a specific event. High-quality digital content production in cricket – as during the 2013 Ashes by the ECB’s digital team, in the infographic pictured – can be scaled though and replicated to a cost-effective degree in any business sector according to the budget available.

In a small business in East Anglia, it could be getting people to sign up to your email newsletter to receive special offers, or sending them to your online shop to buy a specific product that you are promoting via Facebook and Twitter.

You need to build an audience, and deliver them engaging content and information about your services and products that helps build a relationship – transactional or simply digital to start with.

To find out more about how we can help you get in touch with Julian Goode or Mark Morrell at DigitalMode.

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