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However nice your website looks, and whatever snazzy design tricks you or your digital agency used to make it look good, it counts for nothing if you don’t manage content effectively, and have up to date content that your customers can rely on.

How confident are you that customers are getting the right information? Is it accurate? Is it relevant? Is it in the right place on your site?

With all these questions we can help you to find the right answers. We want people to come to your site or digital channels and feel they have everything they need to get on and buy your goods, or get in touch with you and use the services you provide.

How will DigitalMode do this?  Well, once we spend some time with you and get to understand your business and your strategic objectives we can:

  • Write great content that grabs audience attention
  • Identify the right digital channel – website, and/or a combination of social media – for each communication you want to make
  • Make sure all the content you produce is consistent with your business brand, and the messages you are trying to get across
  • Put together a content strategy and content plan, so that you know what your long-term aims are, and what you are going to be producing day by day
  • Manage your content for you if you so require, either short term while you train or recruit your own content people, or long-term so you don’t have to worry – always ensuring it is accurate, owned and available online when needed
  • Integrate your website, social media and marketing channels effectively, working closely with your content team, marketing and communications departments

We will ensure your business gives customers a choice of places to find your services – putting you where they are.

And we will make sure that the content they see is relevant and consistent and enhances your business reputation.

To find out more about how we could manage content for you, and our full range of services visit our DigitalMode Services section.

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